Brenda L. Sheridan

Sterling District School Board Member


Congresswoman Wexton

Brenda has been a fierce advocate for the schools in the Sterling District for 8 years. Her institutional knowledge of the school division and understanding of the needs of the students, families, and staff cannot be duplicated. Make your plan to vote for Brenda Nov 5th!

Hilarie Burton

Brenda does SO much for the Sterling Park community! It’s easy to come in and do grand gestures. But the day to day hard work is done by Brenda, who champions diversity and inclusion. In order for me to continue my work at Park View, her partnership is imperative!!! Please pay attention to local elections and vote for her.

Ibrahim Moiz

Whenever I am asked to endorse someone I hesitate because I’m not sure what weight my endorsement has. However, when Brenda Sheridan asked me to endorse her I did not hesitate because I know who she is and what she stands for.

In November 2018, I launched a campaign to run against Brenda for the Sterling District LCPS seat. I had multiple conversations with her after my announcement and she was supportive of my decision to challenge her and took time to advise me on whom I should be meeting with and what I should be doing for my campaign.

In March, after numerous meetings with Brenda and principals in the District, I came to the conclusion that Brenda was the school board member that our kids in Sterling, including my three daughters need. She is a proven voice for the marginalized members of our society and stands up for our next generation when others coward away.

It is my honor to urge everyone in Sterling to vote on November 5 to re-elect Brenda Sheridan.

Beth Huck

Brenda embodies every characteristic that a School Board member should be...she is trustworthy, reliable, listener, the fiercest advocate for her community, and for Loudoun students and families as a whole. She understands that the needs of her community are different from the needs of other communities throughout Loudoun, and she fights for equitable resources for all. She is passionate, caring, and one of the strongest people I know. I’m proud to call her my colleague, prouder to call her a friend who has become family. This is who she becomes for people! Brenda is essential to LCPS and to the Sterling district!

Teresa and Phillip Mohr

We whole-heartedly support Brenda Sheridan to be re-elected as the school board representative for the Sterling District. We have worked together at the various schools our children have attended, from elementary through high school. Brenda is well-informed and has first-hand experience as to the needs of this community. Brenda is a passionate advocate for every student in Sterling Park, and has continuously fought for equity and non-discriminatory practices. She has served our community with commitment, passion, integrity, and honesty for the past eight years, and we look forward to seeing her continue to fight for the rights and needs of our students.

Amy Gleason Carroll, Ph.D.

I have known Brenda for fourteen years. I first met Brenda when she was president of the Forest Grove PTSA. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her work for the students tireless. I joined her team as a parent volunteer because I saw the outstanding work she was doing and wanted to be part of it. Brenda served as President and I as an officer on the Forest Grove and Park View PTSA’s. Brenda rose to state office in the PTSA. Through the years Brenda has served in countless volunteer roles for the Sterling Park schools, LCPS more broadly, and on the state level. I have known Brenda throughout and she has always put the best interest of ALL the students at the forefront of every thing she does.

As a professional school counselor, I have come to know Brenda professionally. Each day I know she works tirelessly for all of our children. She has won the utmost respect of students, teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents alike. I have no doubt that no one has the depth of experience, history of service, knowledge of education, passion to serve our students, nor can do more for Sterling schools than Brenda Sheridan.

Vote for Brenda for 2020 School Board.


Educator recommended by LEA PAC